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    Unisex Crescent Moon Sweater


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    everyone in harry potter treated luna like she was crazy for believing in weird shit like they didn’t go to wizard high school

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    shoutout to me for still not having my driver’s license

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    aside from being cissexist the whole XX = female and XY = male thing is Straight-Up Wrong

    AFAB people can have XO, XXX, XXXX and XY chromosomes while AMAB people have have XXYY, XYY, and XX chromosomes and since the majority of the…

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    straight boys think girls can’t take compliments, and that’s ridiculous cause i’ve seen so many girls compliment each other, i’ve seen conversations & friendships blossom from girls complimenting each other in line, on the street, at school waiting for the bys, pretty much anywhere.

    the problem is straight boys think sexual harassment & assault are compliments.

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  9. "I don’t consider myself a feminist, I prefer to call myself a humanist or an egalitarian."
    —  Pseudo-intellectual white dude who prefers to imagine that he’s more enlightened than feminists and also is uncomfortable with the thought that he’s part of the problem and also has a incorrect conception of feminism. (via auto-rambler)

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